Ayurveda Helps Improve Brain Cell Functions

Ayurveda and modern medicine have rigorously worked side-by-side to help control the widespread occurrences of Alzheimer and other memory loss related diseases. AlzCare is a blend of five rejuvenating Ayurvedic herbs which includes Terminalia Arjuna, a potent plant with excellent cardio protective and cardio tonic botanical properties. It is highly effective in treating Alzheimer disease and chronic dementia.

Memory loss is also commonly known as Amnesia and the degree of forgetfulness and the inability to recall past events may vary from one individual to another. There can be nothing more frustrating and devastating than the inability to recall past events, people’s names and important appointments. Of course, gradual memory loss follows as one age and retires from the prime activities of life but if you are abnormally losing your memory then you may want to seek medical help. The shocking truth is that 35 million people worldwide are affected by Alzheimer’s disease and other related form of dementias and the number is rapidly increasing.

Various studies and medical records have shown that memory loss (short or long term) may be caused by several factors such as— Alcoholism, Alzheimer’s Disease, Brain Tumor, Dementia, Depression, Drug Abuse, Human Immunodeficiency Virus (HIV), Meningitis, Seizure (Epilepsy), Stroke, Vitamin deficiencies, Malnutrition, Medications, Sleep Disorders, Thyroid disease, Head Trauma, Prolonged toxin exposure and Psychological or emotional imbalance. Of which Alzheimer disease is one of the worst of them all and is responsible for the emotional and mental breakdown of many families, communities and nations.

Some of the best natural dietary supplements for memory loss include—blueberries, spinach, onions, broccoli, red beets, grapes, egg plants, collard greens, Brussels sprouts, cabbage and plums. When it comes to vitamin supplement in our daily diet vitamin B1 is considered best as it improves the mental function for Alzheimer’s patients. Vitamin A supplements help brain functions including memory and checks the optimum cognitive functions of the body. Loosening the stressful lifestyle with yoga, meditation, exercises and physical activities is a good approach in overcoming the possibility of getting memory-related problems. Holy basil leaves are excellent herbal supplements that provide benefits in the treatment of amnesia. In addition, Ginkgo biloba tincture shows great results in the treatment of Alzheimer’s and chronic dementia. Involving mental exercises like word puzzles, reading and writing in day-to-day activities regulates the brain function and tone the memory.

Herbal supplement, AlzCare, contains no chemically generated compounds, fillers or artificial additives—it is an all natural product. Alternative doctors and health specialists recommend 3 months of consecutive intake of AlzCare to experience effectiveness in strengthening the immune system and keeping the brain cells well-nourished while increasing the oxygenated blood flow into the depleted tissues at the same time.

Tone your family’s health through Ayurveda!…

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Cosmetic Plastic Surgery – Good or Bad for You!

A recent article on Los Angeles Times grab my attention More teens seek plastic surgery, how teenagers are going for plastic surgery at the age of 13-19. According to the article:

Many teens, especially girls overly influenced by beauty’s bony depiction in airbrushed fashion photos, define their self-worth, and others’, in physical terms. Add the inherently awkward stage of adolescence, and the need for peer approval, and the stage is set for time-honored struggles with self-image.

This is a big concern of our society where parents have to play a major role. Do you really think your children should go for plastic surgery just to look good or impress someone? Do they really need nose jobs, breast augmentation at this age?

Teenagers obviously have several reasons to go for such plastic surgery but it is parent’s responsibility to look after their child so they will not regret in future.…

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Break The Vicious Circle Of Depression-With Ayurveda

An alternative remedy for combating depression can be the natural Ayurveda. One of its highly potent supplements for depression is DeprsnCare which has specifically been unified to relax the mind naturally and bring it to a comfortable state. DeprsnCare helps in reducing depression and related phenomena such as anxiety, insomnia, and feelings of loss, anger, sadness or frustration in everyday life. Recommended as a natural medium for long term treatment combined with exercise and a diet of fruits, juices and vegetables, this depression supplement restores emotional vitality to life; and hence, it is an all-natural way to deal holistically with all depression related troubles.

A statistical data shows that 1 out of every 4 Britons suffer from a mental health problem, most commonly, a combination of depression and anxiety, at any given point of time during the year. Although depression can victimize people of all gender and age-groups, but women experience depression about twice as often as men. According to a report by WHO, depression will be the second largest killer after heart disease by 2020. Rather, depression in itself is a contributory factor to fatal coronary disease. It has also been found that nearly 15 % of the overall population in the developed countries suffers from severe depression and two-thirds of them do not seek the necessary treatment. But beneath this vile scenario, statistics also show a ray of hope that nearly 80 % of all people suffering from clinical depression can significantly improve their lives after receiving proper treatment.

Depression has often been defined as a feeling of emptiness accompanied with hopelessness, inadequacy or negative sensitivity towards the things happening around. Though stress is a common phenomenon in all human beings, but when emotions such as anxiety, worrying, panic etc get continued over elongated phases, these can resultantly disrupt the normal lifestyle of people. Depression disorders are characterised by some of the most prevalent symptoms such as lack of interest in activities, difficulty in concentration, changes in weight, sleeplessness, and feelings of worthlessness and guilt. In some cases, depression can be traced to a single cause; while in others, while in others, a number of causes may be at play to inflict depression. Biological, genetic as well as environmental factors can together contribute to aggravate the state of depression. A considerable effort is required on the part of the patients in order to fight against depression as nothing can work better than a ‘strong will’ in combating this evil.

Besides taking a medical treatment, regular exercises and proper diet are essential for keeping depression under control. It is important to develop and maintain a positive outlook and avoiding isolation as far as possible. It is also advised to avoid alcohol and the use of illicit substances. Though there are heavy dosage anti-depressant pills available in the market for the short-term treatment of depression but these medications are accompanied by severe side-effects; which makes Ayurveda the optimum choice for treating depression and related problems. Ayurveda, with its wide range of natural depression supplements, naturally helps lessen depression without any unpleasant side-effects.…

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Enjoy The Pain-Free Body-Movements With Ayurveda

Arthritis is a common joint disorder that may actually restrict your body movements especially those of your joints which may leave you feeling handicapped. You may find it dreadful to move out of your bed in the morning or even bending down to pick up your morning newspaper may seem to be a challenging task. Arthritis, causing inflammation of bones, can make you feel helpless and frustrated as making simple bodily movements may appear to be devastating.

The most common symptoms of arthritis are stiffness of bones, limited function of joints and inflammation of joints which is usually characterized by swelling and redness of the affected area. Arthritis, being a rheumatic disease, can also have effects on other parts of the body that do not directly involve the joints. So in certain cases, symptoms of Arthritis can also include fever, weight loss, swelling of glands and fatigue. Some may also feel the abnormalities of organs such as those of lungs, heart or kidneys.

There is a vast range of the types of this joint disorder. So the exact cause of this disease depends upon its specific classification. Different types of arthritis cause different individual illnesses, with differing features, treatments, complications and prognoses. But some of the common causes of arthritis include tearing of ligaments, wearing away of cartilages, lack of fluid in the joint bones, some kind of infection and many more. It may also occur due to some injury, abnormal metabolism, inheritance and an over-reactive immune system.

Treatment programs for arthritis can incorporate prescription and non-prescription medications, joint injections and surgical operations. Besides, there are numerous home-remedies available for the treatment of this disorder. Taking proper rest is advisable in order to give the joints some relief from pain. Heat/cold applications and topical pain creams can also be helpful in relieving the joint pain. Warm bath is considered to be highly beneficial for the relaxation of the stiffed muscles. Eating fruits like bananas and papaya seed tea several times a day are also quite effective. Besides these, herbs like garlic, turmeric, ashwagandha, menthol and camphor are highly recommended for relieving the joint pain.

Ayurveda, too, with its age-old natural combinations of medicinal herbs can prove to be a great solution for the treatment of arthritis. One of its highly potent natural arthritis supplements is RumoCare which helps in stimulating the digestive fire and digesting the toxins. It also helps in revitalizing your daily energy levels. This herbal supplement eliminates impurities from the cervices of the joints and reduces the inflammation. RumoCare helps in cleansing the entire physiology and hence, can be used as a long term remedy with no side effects.

Enjoy the freedom of pain-free bodily movements by combating all the joint-related problems through Ayurveda’s naturally effective range of herbal supplements.…

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Remove Kidney Stones Naturally With Ayurveda

Have you ever felt a dull, breath-taking pain in your lower back or pelvis region? Or have you ever spotted some traces of blood in your urine? Well! Both of these might be the first indication of something serious developing in your body. It might be the beginning of a severe health complication of developing a kidney stone attack.

Kidney stones are one of the most painful urologic disorders that have troubled humans for centuries. The existence of kidney stones has been identified by the practitioners of traditional medicine and has been mentioned in some of the most ancient books in the history of Indian herbal medicine. Infact, these are the most common disorders found in the urinary tract which is evident from the fact that people, throughout the world, make almost 3 million visits to the health-care providers every year for their kidney stone problems.

A kidney stone is basically a hard mass which contains various combinations of chemicals. This small can partially or completely block the passage of urine, causing a severe kind of pain. It is not much difficult to detect the presence of kidney stones as in most of the cases, these reflect acute symptoms.

The presence of Kidney stones is characterized by a sudden excruciating pain felt in the lower part of the abdomen or lower back or in the groin. Constant irritation of the kidney tissue can cause bleeding while urinating. Many patients may experience a general sense of disorientation and fatigue and sharp pain in abdomen can give rise to nausea and vomiting. A patient may also experience either frequent urination or complete stoppage of urination as a symptom of the kidney stones. Other common symptoms of kidney stones include general flu symptoms such as fever, chills, diarrhea, and constipation or generalized body ache.

Although this health disorder can affect both men and women equally but studies have shown that it is more common among the men. The exact cause of kidney stones is difficult to be determined because it may differ from person to person. There are certain kinds of food that may promote the formation of kidney stones in people. Hereditary factors are also a major cause of kidney stones in people. It has been found that a person with a family history of kidney stones is more likely to develop this health complication. There are also some inherited metabolic disorders that can often cause kidney stones. Other possible causes of kidney stones include excessive intake of Vitamin D, urinary tract infections, heavy usage of water pills and calcium based antacids.

Fortunately, the good part of the treatment of kidney stones is that it may not necessarily require a surgery as most stones can be passed through the urinary system by following some remedial measures at home. Adopting a simple and healthy lifestyle is the foremost step towards the treatment of kidney stones. Maximizing the intake of liquids, particularly water, is highly recommended to the kidney stone patients. Kidney stones can also be dissolved by the citric acids, so adding fresh lemon juice to your water can be quite helpful. Cranberries and vegetable juices such as those of orange and carrot can also reduce the formation of chemicals responsible for kidney stones.

Ayurveda, too, with its vast range of herbal supplements, has proved to be one of the most effective solutions for the treatment of the kidney stones since centuries. One of its highly potent health supplements is RenalCare which is a unique blend of herbs, effective in sustaining the natural passage of the urinary tract. This health supplement lessens the inner inflammation of the urinal passages and equalizes the acid and alkaline levels in the body. It also helps in reducing the burning sensation and aggravated pain felt due to the presence of kidney stones.

Experience freedom from all kinds of health hazards with the help of Ayurveda’a naturally trusted range of herbal supplements.…

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Quit Smoking To Control Your Blood Pressure

Almost all of us have heard about the devastating health hazards caused by smoking. It has often been associated with breathing problems and lung cancer. But how many of you know that smoking is also closely associated with hypertension or the high blood pressure? Reports have shown that smoke-related diseases cause around 4 million deaths every year across the globe. And if the trend continues, smoking is expected to kill one in every six people by 2030.

High blood pressure is a severe health complication which is called the ‘silent killer’ as it usually strikes without showing any prior symptoms. It can damage your body in many ways and can lead to coronary heart disease, heart failure, kidney failures, strokes and other health problems. Besides other factors, tobacco smoking has been found to be one of the major causes of high blood pressure.

A person’s risk of developing High Blood Pressure increases with the number of cigarettes he or she smokes. When tobacco is smoked, chewed or taken in by many other means, the nicotine present in tobacco raises the blood pressure. Problems associated with smoking and high blood pressure can also have negative impact on the brain. It may lead to increased risks of brain attacks. Also, the smoke from the cigarettes accelerates the risks of arterial and cardiovascular diseases which can cause another problematic effect on the blood pressure.

Smoking can cause a rise in blood pressure in a number of ways:

Nicotine and other poisonous chemicals present in the tobacco can weaken and narrow down the blood vessels, thereby constricting the blood flow. So the heart has to use more pressure in order to pump the blood, which leads to a rise in the blood pressure. This constant strain on heart can result in strokes and even paralysis.
Nicotine present in tobacco decreases the supply of oxygen in the body. This deficit of oxygen puts pressure on the heart and hence, raises the blood pressure.

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Smoking also leads to plaque build-up in the blood vessels, resulting in the inflammation of the blood vessels. And this combination of build-up plaque and inflammation can result in an increase in the blood pressure.

So quitting smoking can be really helpful for keeping your blood pressure under control and reducing the risks of other associated diseases such as heart diseases, ulcers, gum diseases, and various kinds of cancer.

Ayurveda, too, can play a significant role in the treatment of the high blood pressure. It offers a vast range of natural blood pressure supplements which contain high ratio extracts of aromatic plants and herbs. One of its highly effective herbal supplements is PressureCare which is a combination of antihypertensive herbs that aid a healthy heart and lower the effect of nervous tension. It also helps in reducing the blood stickiness or thickness and improving the blood flow through the arteries and veins. This health supplement assists in maintaining a safe and balanced level of blood pressure in the body.

Feel healthier and prolong your life by keeping a check on your blood pressure through Ayurveda’s highly beneficial range of blood pressure supplements.…

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