Cosmetic Plastic Surgery – Good or Bad for You!

A recent article on Los Angeles Times grab my attention More teens seek plastic surgery, how teenagers are going for plastic surgery at the age of 13-19. According to the article:

Many teens, especially girls overly influenced by beauty’s bony depiction in airbrushed fashion photos, define their self-worth, and others’, in physical terms. Add the inherently awkward stage of adolescence, and the need for peer approval, and the stage is set for time-honored struggles with self-image.

This is a big concern of our society where parents have to play a major role. Do you really think your children should go for plastic surgery just to look good or impress someone? Do they really need nose jobs, breast augmentation at this age?

Teenagers obviously have several reasons to go for such plastic surgery but it is parent’s responsibility to look after their child so they will not regret in future.…

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